Family Life Ministry

Children And Youth Ministry

Children and youth are a necessary component in a growing family church. Although problematic at times, children and youth challenge churches to prepare them for the mission field in innovative ways. The GBCA Youth and Children’s Ministry is comprised of young people who love God and desire to make a difference among their peers. Using their unique abilities, they are the poster children and peer-group marketing strategy to reach millennials and Gen-Xers who deny the reality of God.  

Nursery Ministry is designed to introduce children to God from the moment of their earliest development. Children are taught about God’s love for them through various age appropriate mediums: video, hand-puppets, songs and youthful Bible stories which promote childlike faith.

Children’s Ministry is intended to reinforce a greater understanding of God through social interaction, arts and crafts, Bible memory and singing. As children learn to build relationships with others, they learn to treasure peer-based interactions based on the word of God.

Youth Ministries promote solid spiritual growth and development through reliance upon core spiritual beliefs which form the foundation of their entrance into young adulthood. Because they are strong, they must learn to defend their faith in a world that seeks to eliminate God from its reality. Through consistent and faithful Bible study they learn to defend their faith with the word of God.

Adult Ministries

Men’s Fellowship fosters a kindred relationship among adult men who desire to conform their lives to God’s scriptural mandates. Based on the understanding that God vested headship in men, men learn to live their lives and foster lasting relationships with their families and peers from a Christ-centered worldview. Together men tackle familiar limitations and the sin which so easily besets their faith with the hope of building lasting accountability among their peers. They bond with other men of like faith to build a strong model of Biblical Manhood. Through workshops and conferences, prayer and gatherings outside of the traditional church men are encouraged to openly share their faith in the workplace and especially among their peers.

Women’s Fellowship is a group of like-minded women of faith who model faithfulness before God and their families. Through their nurturing spirit, women seek to cultivate like-minded female believers to become an army of overcomers, intercessors and teachers of the faith through their testimony for Jesus Christ. They are caretakers of families, helpmeets in marriage and the vanguard of creation. The Women’s Ministry seeks to empower women to live their best life with Jesus as their foundation. 

Singles Ministry seeks to encourage unmarried people to make it their aim and life purpose to live holy, consecrated and obedient lives before God. As singles, they can focus their hearts on fulfilling God’s purpose without competition for their attention or loyalty. The Singles Ministry reinforces the belief that being single is not a curse but a blessing to facilitate sanctified living in accordance with scriptural mandates. As a group, singles learn to live accountable lives in victory over temptation and sin.

Married Ministry is comprised of couples who seek solace with like-minded couples who desire to live in accordance and within the sacred context of biblical matrimony. Using group encounters, informal gatherings, excursions and workshops which focus on gender roles under biblical headship, the Married Ministry seeks to reinforce the divine responsibility of the husband and wife in marriage and in building strong Christ-centered family relationships.   

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